Submission Guidelines

Simulacrum Press is open for submissions year round. We are looking for CHAPBOOKS [no longer than 20 pages], & SPECIAL PROJECTS. Please send text documents as doc., docx., rtf., or PDF files; visual poetry as PDFs. If you are submitting to the SPECIAL PROJECTS category, send a proposal of no more than 500 words. If accepted, we can talk our way to a feasible literary object. If you are submitting visual poetry, know that chapbooks will be black and white. 

Please include a brief bio & cover letter as a separate file with your submission.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

When sending your submission, your email’s subject line should read:

Submission [Category] – [Your Last Name]


Simulacrum Press is looking for work which does not necessarily resemble poetry, but which is poetry, nevertheless. The desire which propels this press is more than slightly vague, and while the editor has a fairly solid idea of what he does not want to publish, the question as to what exactly he does want to publish–is to be explored. The experimental, the avant-garde, yes. But, and also.
Help define or further obfuscate the mission by submitting your work!

Email submissions, proposals & inquiries to

Simulacrum Press would love to hear from you! Any questions, comments or feedback regarding content, publications or website can be submitted using the contact form below. You can follow Simulacrum on Facebook.