Simulacrum Press #2: ‘Ululation’ by Robert Keith

Ululation cover scan

Simulacrum Press is excited to present its second publication, a substantial chapbook of more than 50 pages: Robert Keith’s Ululation. Produced in an edition of 75 copies with sewn binding.

To define a word one must use more words. Let me explain… but, as Robert Keith begins his long poetic tumble down the rabbit hole of language, “where to begin…”? Just as Alice tumbled, bewildered, down the earthy throat of associations, so does the reader of Ululation, a web of language that is self-propelling and unforgiving. A dizzying investigation into meaning and clarity in the midst of absurdity.

ululation sample

‘Ululation’ by R. Keith [Domestic/Canada]

Price includes shipping.


‘Ululation’ by R. Keith [International]

Price includes shipping.





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