Simulacrum Press #30: ‘MODELS [of Economic Recovery]’ by Sacha Archer

MODELS [of Economic Recovery] by Sacha Archer is an 7.5″x7.5″ loose leaf collection containing a suite of four rubber stamped concrete poems. It has been produced in an edition of 40 chapbooks.

The suite of concrete poems which makes up MODELS [of Economic Recovery] found its genesis in an article on that’s headline reads, V, W, U or L? Here’s what kind of shape Canada’s economy will be in coming out of COVID-19. The four letters, V, W, U and L were used by experts to show simplified models of possible economic outcomes. In MODELS, each concrete poem uses one of the 4 letters respectively, following the same line of thought, but with drastically different results. These are visceral and intuitive, sculptural questions of the uncertain future.

“W” from ‘Models [of Economic Recovery]’

‘MODELS [of Economic Recovery]’ by Sacha Archer [Domestic/Canada]

Price includes shipping.


‘MODELS [of Economic Recovery]’ by Sacha Archer [International]

Price includes shipping.


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