Simulacrum Press #32: ‘Dust Helvetica’ by Daniel f. Bradley

Dust Helvetica by Daniel f. Bradley is a 25 page collection of letraset concrete poems produced in an edition of 45 chapbooks, simply stapled with a hand stamped cover and measuring 8.5″x11″.

While by the nature of the medium the application of letraset requires an intentionality of composition due to the fact that one must first decide where to place a given letter, and only after having chosen and aligned the letter on the page proceed to rub it on, despite this, there is a sense of urgency in the poems of Dust Helvetica which arises from the presence of the gestural. These are not contemplative, cerebral poems, but rather works that remain connected to the hand, the arm, the nervous system.


‘Dust Helvetica’ by Daniel f. Bradley [Domestic/ Canada]

Price includes shipping.



‘Dust Helvetica’ by Daniel f. Bradley [International]

Price includes shipping.


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