Simulacrum Press #28: ‘Correctional Sonnets (for Catherine Vidler)’ by Kyle Flemmer

Kyle Flemmer’s sequence of Correctional Sonnets is a 15 page, 5″x5″ chapbook bound with fisheye grommets published in an edition of 40 copies.

It is said that mistakes are how we learn, though in the case of Kyle Flemmer’s Correctional Sonnets the mistake is discarded for the materials of correction which are re-purposed as writing tools. Using correctional fluid, pen, and tape on black card stock Flemmer has fashioned a suite of 15 poems that form a heroic crown in which the last line of each preceding poem is the first line of that which follows. The concluding poem, the mastersonnet, is composed of each first line of the preceding 14 sonnets.

Further Reading

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‘Correctional Sonnets’ by Kyle Flemmer (Domestic / Canada)

Price includes shipping.


‘Correctional Sonnets’ by Kyle Flemmer (International)

Price includes shipping.


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